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As we go through life we act in certain patterns which we have learned early in our childhood, from our family and social environment. The accumulation of our experience forms us. Every individual is vastly unique.

We adopt to a certain life style and mind set. That’s why we all have certain  interpretations of life. Most of the time we act almost in autopilot, upon our deep integrated believes and patterns.

Sometimes these patterns hinder us to leave the comfort zone, go further and beyond. Have you ever wondered why some people with similar set of prerequisites act differently on challenges in life?

Do certain situations keep returning to you?

In order to reflect the situation and analyze the variety of options it helps to get an outside perspective.  Personal Coaching helps in this process, but the actual mind changing work is done by yourself, you decide which direction you want to go. It is your life!

Coaching helps people to process and think about current challenges in new perspectives, instead of playing through past events in your mind over and over again. Coaching gives you a clear path for navigating the present and future. The process builds an individual’s competency and capacity for growth. Over time, life and relationships run more smoothly in the direction you want. Take the rudder in your hands!

See the next section for an initial self assessment of the areas you would like to change.  

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Sample Scenarios for Coaching


  • You have a personal, professional, or relationship goal, and you are unsure as why you are not making more progress toward that goal
  • Things seem to repeat itself in life. You feel stuck, don't like the feelings, or the outcome associated with a certain pattern, but you are unsure of how to stop the cylce and achieve change
  • You have a bigger goal, your vision of ideal life, but you are unsure of how to define it or how to get there

Maybe you have the feeling that your life has run out of hand or that some life segments are not fitting together. Maybe you also just having a gut feeling that something is missing in life or you need to change the course, but do not know what and how.

In the fast paced world we live in, we leave ourselves little room for self reflection. Sometimes we just keep moving although we initially wanted to go another way. We get somehow stuck with a certain way of thinking, not being able to oversee the various options we would still have. At this stage we need a new perspective of our life, the helicopter perspective, to bring the dots together.

You can make your own current assessment. The so-called wheel of life can help here. It helps to reflect on each of your areas of life and to clarify which areas are exactly in imbalance. And with it, which ones need more attention.

You can either print out a blank template, including a detailed description from me, here, or you can simply create your own . All you need is paper, pen and, if necessary, a ruler.

It is important that you approach changes in small steps. For example, if one of your areas of life is on two points, you don’t have to have a ten tomorrow. How about a three, then a four, and so on? Set yourself goals and implement your life slowly but sustainably!

It’s not about getting a perfect circle either. Maybe a lower number is enough for you in some areas of life because they are just not as important to you as others. This is your bike! Your bike, your rules!

What if it doesn’t work?

Your wheel of life is not something that is fixed. It is something that is changing. That’s why you can draw it every now and then at certain intervals. You can then see whether and what has changed. This will help you stay true to your line and not lose focus on the important things in life.

In a personal coaching session we can intensify on the specific areas. Contact me below.

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1:1 Coaching

In personal coaching sessions your reflect on your current situation and set the goals of your future life


Regular Workshops with a smaller group helps you to deepen certain routines to build your own better life track.

Online Course

In an online course you can choose between a variety of coaching content. Choose your path to A Better Life, whenever and wherever you are.

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